Website Hosting & Maintenance

Keeping your website updated regularly is an important part of your online presence. We handle everything from backend updates (software, plugins, code, licenses, SSL certificate, etc…) to ongoing content updates. Just like a car needs routine check-ups & services, your website needs regularly looked at by some nerds (that’s us).
Leave your website maintenance to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Managed Hosting
Ongoing Edits
Uptime Monitoring
Plugin Updates
Nightly Backups
WordPress Updates
Login Protection
Unlimited Support

Optimal Website Performance, Guaranteed

Let us focus on your website so you can focus on your business

The Internet is constantly changing and your website needs to be able to adapt and change with it. Our goal is to make sure your website is always online, secure, up-to-date, backed up, and working for your business 24/7, 365. Every website needs ongoing maintenance in order for it to stay up to date and secure. There are certain tasks that need to be done to every website on an ongoing basis, and these are unavoidable. If they aren’t done or kept up with, your website can break, go down, get hacked, lose data, etc…

Tasks like Bug Fixes, Security Patches, Third-party Integrations, Plugin Updates, Development Modifications, Performance Enhancements, Content Updates, Database Updates, and ongoing edits. As the web changes, all of these things need to be kept up with. This is why maintaining your website on a monthly basis is just as important as anything else.

website maintenance

Why Let us Take Care of Your Website?


Speed / Consistency

We believe communication is key to having a successful website. Not only will your site be fast, so is your communication with us.



Running a website requires some technical know-how. We’ve been doing this for a long time so needless to say – we know our stuff!



Websites are getting hacked at alarming rates these days. We implement several layers of security to ensure your site is protected from any attacks.



Our managed WordPress hosting will keep your site running fast, smoothly, and our enterprise-grade security will keep your site safe.

Free Custom Mockup Of Your New Website

Give us 7 days and we'll build you a free, 100% custom mockup of your new website. No obligation to move forward. If you like it and want to move forward, great. If not, no hard feelings (we're tough, we can take it).